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Important information about registration and login (update 16.08.2022)

Anyone over the age of 16 can register here. Who is under 16, must ask his parents. Registrations are activated by the admin, the user receives a confirmation mail and can start immediately. Passwords can be between 8 and 14 characters long, a combination of upper and lower case letters with special characters and numbers is recommended.

Important: please enter a nickname as your username, your real name (more is not needed) please enter in the corresponding field "Last name" and "First name".

If you mistype four times during registration, you will be banned and can only try again after ten minutes. If you are a casual user and just want to see aircraft photos, you don't need to register and therefore don't have to log in.

User profile: in the user profile you can adjust your personal settings. This includes adding an avatar.

Since this community is built as a photo-only forum, the content will therefore only consist of pictures. We don't want to comment on the pictures, here you can find the well known thumbs (thump up / down) below the posts.

Off-topic: everything that is interesting for planespotters can be posted here. Please always indicate the sources of external information. Missing sources will lead to deletion of the post.

A word about the photos: maximum width of the pictures should be 1200 pixels. A copyright notice on the photos would not be wrong, so that no one can use the picture unasked somewhere else. If you want to have a picture, you have to contact the owner / creator of the photo by mail.